About the Artist

Brian Lee grew up in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time, it was a semi-rural wasteland on the verge of booming into a sprawling suburban wasteland. The artist spent many a youthful days watching an unhealthy dose of 1980's cartoons and playing 8 bit video games. At this time he became obsessed in drawing bitchin' vans, hot rods, tigers, naked girls, horror movie villians and barbarian warriors riding fantasy skateboard ramps. (Not much has changed.)

In later years he would be heavily influenced by skateboarding and music: mostly heavy metal, hip hop and punk, and the iconography that goes with those genres. In high school Brian spent many days and late nights practicing the secret arts of graffiti, painting wherever possible.

From graffiti, he moved into Graphic Design and Illustration as a means to earning a living while staying with art. Brian Lee started painting on canvas and wood panels in 2002 and has been at it ever since.